Esv taxham

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Esv Taxham
Gründung: permanent
Auflösung: immer am abgrund
Genre: Gyros
ZKing keyboards, crash
Ken Yamaha guitar, working effect board
Knobiman guitar, broken effect board, KnobItunes
Jane Fox keyboards, underwater
Pansemann Fittipaldi Drums, Gars

ESV Taxham ist eine Band aus dem Salzburger Stadtteil Taxham, die leider nur des Englischen mächtig scheint.

What is E.S.V?

This is about being a creature being so matured that it even understands simple math diagrams. It's boldly gone, where none such creature ever did go before. Apparently, there were some giants around, but they didn't harm no one. And this is, how E.S.V started...

E.SV. met when they were so strung out of life, that there only way of keeping their minds together was to enjoy themselves by doing what they could do... to do so...making brilliant music. The founding members Jane Fox and Z-King were good.

What does E.S.V DO?

We do what a man's got to do. We force the sound to sound as we like him to do, b******! Basil!

The E.S.V. - Rules:

- we only play live - we f*** all kinds of post-production - we never have a plan - it isn't compulsory to drink "underberg" - garlic is essential - the mind has to be refreshed with "plörre" - when we like it after we played, it's probably bullshit - if we like it the next day, it's genious - we rule!




2007: für PlÖRRE